Who is BUGBite?

We are a family operated business who live, work and run our business out of the Great State of NY.

It is said that "America is a nation of tinkerers”  As a creative family, a family of inventors, we agree.  Our inspiration often stems from our own need. When we first shared our new holster idea, it turned out that other people really liked it and also had a need for what we now call BUGBite Holsters.

The idea started from a simple need for a compression wrap for a leg injury, but the idea of wearing a compression wrap AND an the ankle holster worn daily seemed too much, so with a little creative improvisation a successful "compression / concealed carry wrap" was created. This temporary solution to a leg injury / holster was so comfortable that it inspired the making of our first prototype for what we now consider the most comfortable concealed carry holster.

 It is incredibly exciting to create a new product, start a small business, and receive the amazing response we have. We are grateful to all our customers who have made our business a success! The outpouring of enthusiasm and feedback has been amazing, and each purchase has allowed us to grow and be able to offer work to our fellow Americans. 

Are holsters available for people who are left handed?

They're available now for Size A through Size E!  Order on the product page by selecting the size you want and then choose 'Left Handed' from the additional drop-down menu.

Right Handed: A right handed BUGBite holster is used on the left leg, the holster is made with a pocket for your gun for the inside of your left leg for a cross draw.

Left Handed: A left handed BUGBite holster is used on the right leg, the holster is made with a pocket for your gun for the inside of your right leg for a cross draw.

How can I tell if my firearm will fit in the BUGBite holster?

Please refer to our Size Chart on our website for recommended fit. Click Here

What do I do if I'm right between two BUGBite sizes?

The size guide is a good guide, that being said much like any garment fit is a matter of personal preference, the fit can vary depending on how a leg is shaped and how muscular the calf is or not. If you are on the cusp we suggest to up in size. We are happy to assist with an exchange for a different size if need be.

When will I receive my holster?

We ship Monday through Friday

99% of the time orders placed will ship the next business day.

USPS generally delivers in 3-6 business days depending on how far a package has to travel.

We ship from the Great State of NY

How can I exchange or return a product?

We are happy to help you with an exchange for a different size. Please contact Customer Support who will help set you up with exchange guidelines and EMA#  for a quick and easy exchange.

You can easily return your BUGBite holster for a refund. Please contact Customer Support for Return Guidelines and RMA # for a quick and easy refund.

Can I mail you my order ?

If you simply feel that placing an order on our website is not for you, and you prefer to pay by check, we respect that! 

Please contact our Customer Support for help with mailing your order to us!

I'm nervous placing an order online.

We use the highest standard of online security.  We use 128 bit encryption and have our own SSL Certificate, which is considered the Gold Standard for online security.  When you add something to your "cart" on our website, you will see the well known padlock symbol in the address bar.

Do you offer a Military or Law Enforcement discount?

We do offer a discount for our men and women in Law enforcement and the Military, Please contact our Customer support with your order # and proof of employment/ID

(this cant be combined with any other coupon/offer)


What if I feel my holster is sliding down on my leg or feels too tight?

Please contact our Customer support for help determining the reason, and who will help you exchange for a different size. 

REVOLVERS, will they fit ?

Our personal preference is to use the smallest firearm possible. The BUGBite holster will work with a snub nose revolver up to the same dimensions as we have posted on our website.

With that being said, weight, shape, ease of draw, and comfort with the cylinder on your revolver really is about personal preference, much like any garment your own discretion will help you decide what is right for you.

If you choose to try and find you are not satisfied, you can of course return the holster for a refund.